Dental implantation

A dental implant is the most effective and modern way to replace missing teeth. HanzaDent Dentistry has a wide selection of implants according to the needs and financial capabilities of each person. The price of the implant (implant and crown together) starts at 1,200 euros.

Before placing a dental implant, the extent of the need for prosthetics must be assessed. The anatomical structures of the patient, the availability of bone volume, general health, habits and medications used to play a big role.

A dental implant is placed in the patient’s jaw, and its prerequisite is sufficient existing bone volume and good oral hygiene. Risk factors include smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, active periodontal disease, and anti-osteoporosis medications.

Pain, swelling, redness and hematomas may occur after the dental implant placement surgery. Each patient is also given a leaflet to take home with a detailed overview of how to heal as well as possible after dental implantation.

At HanzaDent Dentistry, implants have been placed daily for 15 years. The success rate so far is over 99%.

A dental implant must be cared for in the same way as one’s own tooth, and regular check-ups must be done. However, dental implants are damaged by smoking, general diseases (diabetes), anti-osteoporotic drugs, patient parafunction (teeth grinding), poor oral hygiene and active periodontal disease.

It is also possible to support poorly lasting oral removable prostheses with the help of implants and significantly improve their stability.

Old-age pensioners can receive €260 compensation from the Health Insurance Fund once in three years for the money spent on prosthetics.

Dental implants and crowns are guaranteed for 2 years.

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