Dental Care Under Sedation

Have you ever thought about how dental care could be more comfortable and cause less stress?

HanzaDent Dental Care in Tallinn brings you the solution – dental care under sedation. Our goal is to provide a safe, relaxing, and pain-free dental care experience.

Dental Care Under Sedation – What Is It?

Sedation is a kind of partial anaesthesia, during which the patient sleeps through the procedure.

Sedation in dentistry is a method that helps patients relax, reducing fear and anxiety. It is the ideal choice for those who are afraid of visiting the dentist. Our experienced anesthesiologist ensures that the sedation procedure is safe and effective.

Why Choose HanzaDent Dental Care?

  • Fighting Toothache and Fear: Our sedation methods help overcome fear and reduce pain in dentistry.
  • Quality Care: We offer the possibility to perform surgical and prosthetic procedures under sedation.
  • Experienced Specialists: Our professional team ensures the highest quality of care.

How Does It Work?

  • You need to book a time for a consultation on dental care under sedation.
  • The doctor will create a treatment plan and determine whether sedation can be carried out.
  • Sedation and dental care are performed.

Get to Know Our Clinic in Tallinn

HanzaDent Dental Care awaits you in Tallinn to offer the best and most painless dental care experience. Our modern clinic and friendly staff ensure that you feel comfortable and cared for.

Do not let fear ruin your dental care experience. Book a time at HanzaDent Dental Care for a sedation consultation and discover how dental care under sedation can change your perception of dentist visits. We care about your smile!

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