The prices are indicative for the most common procedures. You can find the full pricelist at the clinic reception. The exact cost of treatment will be known during the consultation.


Children's dental visit fee if you have health insurance5€
First consultation, dental examination, diagnostic imagingfrom 89€
Endodontist´s consultation, diagnostic imaging95€
Visit fee for an adult45€
Preparation of a written treatment plan55€
Diagnostic imaging30€
Routine dentition check-up (regular patients every 6 months)75€
Endodontic control75€
Prophylactic procedures (fluorine/silant) up to 4 teeth39€
Small in-mouth dental x-ray image19€
Placing the drug under a temporary filling25€
Temporary filling(coltasol)from 45€
Applying varnish on sensitive dental necks (up to 4 teeth)29€
Removing the old filling19€
Removal of calculus from one tooth from 21€
Cleaning calculus and pigment by a mouth hygienist79€
Teeth whitening (2 dental arches) using 4th generation ZOOM lamp370€

Dental crowns

Chairside made temporary plastic crown from


In lab made temporary plastic crown150€
Dental crown regardless of material from (except for gold, gold price added) from480€
Implant crown from 550€
Maryland bridge (fixing up to 4 units)375€
Maryland bridge (fixing more than 5 units)450€
Maryland bridge (adding 1 tooth at the dental kabinet)


Designing a smile

Diagnostic Wax-up18€
Mock up 1-6 units73€
Laboratory made temporary plastic crown100€
Casted carcass for temporary plastic bridge160€
Plastic tooth to themporary bridge55€
Stick bridge (fiber)165€


Glass ionomer fillings:
Glass ionomer filling from 80€
Light-cured fillings:
One surface filling from 80€
Two/three surface filling from 119€
Restoration and reconstruction of the dental crownfrom 188€
Glass fiber reinforced composite additional cost30€
Filling polishing small15€
Filling polishing big20€


Implant with Zr crown 1300-2050€
Individual abutment (Zr)380€
Casted individual abutment (CoCr)380€
Surgical guide for implantation (depending on fabrication time) from 100€
Dental implantation surgery guide100€
Implantation crowns from550€
BruxZir screw retained crown (cut-back; Ankylos süsteemile) with abutment from720€
BruxZir screw retained crown (Ankylos system) with abutment from740€


Impression alginate30€
Impression silicone29€
Metal post or screw in post removal from root canal150€
Crown removal25€
Crown cementing40€
Temporary crown cementing 25€
Individual tray30€
Root anchor150€
Valatud tihvtkönt100€
Glass fiber post 1 pcs44€
Diagnostic model 1 pcs18€
Bite measurement with face-bow16€

Removable prostheses

Partial plate prosthesis on hard base from550€
Metal reinforcement for partial plate prosthesis25€
Mini-implant responce80€
Partial plate prosthesis on a flexible base from
Total prosthesis from600€
Dowel prosthesis from700€
Immediaatprotees (lisandub hammaste hulk, kui üle ühe hamba, 1 tk 12,00 €)350€
Adding a tooth to a removable denture150€
Every additional tooth30€
Fixing broken denture65€
Additional corection20€
Rhein changing of mightguard70€
Rebasing of denture in dental lab.120€
Rebasing of denture in clinic100€
Faster delivery of dental prosthesis (up to 3 days)50%

Root canal treatment

Opening and enlargement one root canal from120€
Opening and enlargement of each subsequent root canal from80€
Opening and enlargement of one root canal for root canal retreatment from145€
One root canal filling (lateral condensation) from90€
Filling of every subsequent root canal from25€
3D root canal filling (1 root canal)125€
Drug exchange in root canals85€
Placement of rubberdam24€
Crown pulley amputation50€
Glass fiber (1tk)59€
MTA perforation closure90€
Single incisor root canal treatment with microscope250€
Incisional single-visit root canal therapy with microscope290€
Incisional single-visit root canal therapy with microscope120€
Premolar single-visit root canal treatment with microscope300€
Premolar single-visit root canal treatment retreatment350€
Premolar revision with microscope165€
Molar single-visit root canal treatment with microscope410€
Molar single-visit root canal treatment with microscope460€
Molar revision with microscope220€
Incisive dilation and cleaning of the root canal with the microscope (primary root canal treatment).250€
Incisive dilation and cleaning of the root canal with the microscope (root canal retreatment)300€
Incisor root canal filling with microscope125€
Enlargement of the root canal(s) of a premolar and cleaning with the microscope (primary root canal treatment).300€
Enlargement of the root canal(s) of a premolar and cleaning with the microscope (root canal retreatment)300€
Filling of premolar root canal(s) with microscope150€
Enlargement of the root canal(s) of a molar and cleaning with the microscope (primary root canal treatment).400€
Enlargement of the root canal(s) of a molar and cleaning with the microscope (root canal retreatment)450€
Filling molar root canals with a microscope205€
Additional root canal(s) enlargement and cleaning100€
First consultation with an endodontist90€
The price of a root canal treatment performed by an endodontist As a rule, the root canal treatment procedure begins with a doctor's consultation. The condition of the existing tooth is evaluated, whether and how the tooth has been previously restored, what condition the fillings are in, etc. Necessary X-rays and photographs are taken. Then, root canal treatment options and prognosis are evaluated, and treatment procedures are determined. As a rule, primary root canal treatment is an easier procedure than redoing the root canal treatment of a tooth that has already been treated once. Usually, the root canal treatment of one tooth consists of two visits where the canals of the tooth are opened, and cleaned, if necessary, medicine and temporary filling are placed there, and the final filling of the canals and restoration of the tooth crown or preparation for the prosthetic restoration of the tooth takes place during the second visit. If the tooth has already been treated and the crown restored, but the tooth is still problematic and requires retreatment, the retreatment procedure may turn out to be quite difficult, and sometimes it may not be possible at all or bring the desired result. In order to assess the expediency and possibility of retreatment, it is sometimes necessary to remove all existing fillings from the tooth and assess the condition of the root canals. After that, it is possible to make a treatment prognosis or make a decision that this tooth should be removed. The need for a revision will be revealed during the initial doctor's consultation, and up to 1.5 hours should be reserved for this procedure. Initial consultation 75 eur. The price of root canal treatment varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. The exact price will be revealed during the consultation with a specialist. The price of incisive root treatment starts at 475 euros, the price of premolar root treatment starts at 575 euros and the price of molar root treatment starts at 700 euros.


Implant placement surgery 1 stage from 650€
Implant placement surgery 2 stage from100€
Gumplasty with 2 stages or implant placement175€
Bone material160-400€
Bone material and membrane set400€
Jason membrane 15x 20 1 pcs190€
Membrane Bio-Guide 1tk350€
Membrane fixing nail 1pc20€
Extraction of one tooth root (depends on complexity)64-100€
Extraction of several tooth roots (depends on complexity)60-100€
Hambajuure eemaldamine (sõltuvalt raskusastmest)40-100€
Hamba juure või hambajuure tipu väljalõikamine ( sõltuvalt raskusastmest)60-100€
Hambajuure hemisektsioon40€
Raske hamba eemaldamine (kestvus üle 30 min, iga 30 min lisandub)40€
Tarkusehamba eemaldamine60-250€
Tarkusehamba eemaldamine kerge60€
Osaliselt lõikunud tarkusehamba eemaldaminekuni 250€
Tarkusehamba eemaldamine keskmine80€
Alveolaarluu resektsioon20€
Alveooli korrastamine pärast hamba eemaldamist, ravimi asetamine37€
Abtsessi avamine ja ravimenetlused42€
Perikoronariidi kirurgiline ravi33€
Dreeni vahetus20€
Õmbluste asetamine25€
Alveoliidi ravi koos ekskohleatsiooniga; ravimi asetamine35€
Verejooksu sulgemine suuõõnes34€
Vere jooksu sulgemine suuõõnes õmblustega44€
Suulimaskestaplastika 1 piirkond 3 hammast400€
Suulimaskestaplastika 1 piirkond 2 hammast400€
Suulimaskestaplastika 1 piirkond 1 hammas240€
Gingivoektoomia 3-4 hamba ulatuses80€
Küretaaz 1 hamba ulatuses9€
Kirurgiline küretaaz 1 hamba ulatuses20€
Ülahuule või keelekida freunoloplastika45€
Dislotseeritud hamba paigaldamine ja fiksatsioon67€
Osteosünteesi kruvi 1 tk40€
Miniimplantaat 1 tk250€
Luuaugmentatsioon "sausage" tehnikas900€
Papillade täitmine hüaluroonhappe geeliga, kuni 4 tk150€

X-ray services

3d röntgen mõlemast lõualuust (teistesse kliinikutesse pildi tellimise puhul nõuded arvuti jaoks, et pilt avaneks: mälu miinimum 8GB soovituslik 16GB, Protsessor i7, SSD 256GB, Eraldiseisev videokaart, peab olema NVIDIA või AMD FullHD)


Panoraam rö29€
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