All of these services are provided to allow patients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle where they feel no hesitation in showing off their beautiful smile!

Aesthetic dentistry

Dentistry is the identification and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, gums and teeth. Also educating patients about dental care and prevention of dental and gum disease.

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Root canal treatment

All root canal treatment is done under microscope magnification. In addition, 3D diagnostics are used. HanzaDent Dentistry has a microscope in every office.

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Oral surgery includes: tooth extraction, tooth root resection, gingivoplasty, replacing teeth with implants, plastic for lip and tongue ties.

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Dental prosthetics

Dental implantation is the most modern, physiological and currently the best way of dental prosthetics. During the implantation procedure, a metal screw is installed in the patient’s jaw in place of the missing tooth, to which a ceramic dental crown is later attached.

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Gum treatment

The primary signs of gum disease are bad breath, bleeding gums, increased tooth mobility, changes in the position of the teeth, and the appearance of gaps between the teeth. It is caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking and genetic predisposition.

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with changing the positions of the teeth, improving the shape and thus the function of the dental arches. The position of the teeth is changed by the weak force generated by the corresponding devices and aids.

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Dental implantation

A dental implant is the most effective and modern way to replace missing teeth. HanzaDent Dentistry has a wide selection of implants according to the needs and financial capabilities of each person. The price of the implant (implant and crown together) starts at 1,200 euros.

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All on 4 (6) implants

“All on four or six implants” is a dental prosthetic method in which the entire row of teeth is restored. 4 or 6 implants are placed in the jaw, respectively, and if possible, a temporary prosthesis is also placed on top of them.

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Dental Care Under Sedation

HanzaDent Dental Care in Tallinn brings you the solution – dental care under sedation. Our goal is to provide a safe, relaxing, and pain-free dental care experience.

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