Aesthetic dentistry

The development of technology has led to many opportunities to create or restore the aesthetic appearance of teeth, i.e. aesthetic dentistry. Modern materials make it possible to change the color, shape and size of the teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry starts with AirFlow cleaning. It cleans the pigment accumulated on the teeth and brings out a beautiful natural tooth color. When making a smile more beautiful, fillings that have changed their color over time are replaced with fillings that match the color of the tooth or/and laminates, crowns and bridges are installed.

When dealing with aesthetic dentistry, you must also remember those teeth that are not visible when you smile. All teeth must be taken as a whole, and both front and back teeth must be taken care of equally. If you only pay a lot of attention to the health and beauty of the front teeth and leave the back molars untreated, they will fall apart. Then the chewing load falls more on the front teeth, which they are not designed for because the molars have to do the chewing work. If there are no molars or their position in the bite does not allow them to participate in chewing normally, a double load falls on the front teeth and problems do not have to wait long.

Aesthetic dentistry includes:

  • teeth whitening;
  • making the shape and color of the teeth more beautiful;
  • prosthetics using laminates or composite fillings;
  • if neccessary, also gum surgery.

The picture (above) shows a “before” and “after” comparison.

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